Hermes (Mercury)水星

Mercury (identify with the Greek god Hermes) was a messenger god of Jupiter (Zeus) he was also the God of Games, Business, and Story Telling.
Mercury was an offspring of Jupiter and Maia, but Mercury started out as the protector of the animal kingdom and because cattle became a main source of wealth he became the god of wealth and then trade. 

Aphrodite (Venus)金星

Aphrodite was the goddess of Beauty and Love.
Aphrodite had a perfect figure and pure feathers plus innocent manner. Aphrodite always was seen smiling.
To the Romans she was known as Venus.Aphrodites true love was Ares,the child was the goddess Harmony. Aphrodite was not only attractive to gods but also mortals. 
Gea (Mother Earth)地球

Gea was the great goddess of the early Greeks.
She represented the Earth and was worshipped as the universal mother. The greeks believe she created the universe and gave birth to the first race of Titans (gods) and the first humans.
Greeks believe that Chaos was first to come, which was made of Void, Mass, and Darkness then came Earth in the form of Gaea. From mother earth came the sky god Uranus and the starry heavens. Mountains, plains, seas, and rivers also came from Gaea.

She became the oldest god of early greeks and supreme goddess of gods and humans. Gaea was the one who presided over marriages and oaths.
Gaea was honored as a prophets. The Romans also believed in this god.

Ares (Mars)火星

Mars (Ares in Greek mythology) was a Roman God, he was the god of War, mostly because he acted and thought like a warrior.
Ares loved bloody warfare and was driven by rage and a desire for violence.
Ares also loved the noise of battle. His normal day was one of conflict and mindless killing. Ares was such a piece of work, just so blood driven. 
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