Actually my intern ship turn out to be an disaster. Kind of, I would say. To be professional worker is definitily not an easy job, I read a lot on the book. But it seems not that professional in work field. In the work field, people have different talens, such as social skills, computor skills, laws, associate work.

Some stuff we learned at school probabily may help us to understand some topics in a specific field. But at work, I don't really think school helps in anyway.

I was blamed for so many things. My hair style, my dressing, my executive ability...

Probabily I need more time to adjust where I am, in school or in work field. At school, everyone is equal, people would try to make friend with you, but in work field, it's like you got to know where you stand, at first, always in the bottom, so move quickly, help with lots of things that others might not have time to do, or do some work that need less intellectual skill.

Untill now, when they assinged me some work that is more important, I got nervous.

I don't quite understand myself, and I think that when I apply to be an intern, I was looking for a chance to help myself to have a clear view to defined who I am. My executive asked me if I wanted to quit for being an intern in their company. I don't feel a thing, but I know that I don't want to quit like that, though I had so many complains before. She said at first that she is impressed by my resume. But now she is disappointed.

I still has lots to learn. Now I get to know that there are some knowledge in small things. Thinking how to make things to be user friendly  is an important thing.

I need to be more possitive. Some characters at school did not stand out or might not be some standards for people to judge you.

I  need to justfy myself, think more positive, and complain less. Recently I had lots of complain, I need to stop complaining to my friends. Cause if I keep complaining, I guess my friends would leave me sooner or later. I have less friends than I thought. So I have to cherish these relationshops.


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